Currently in development The Sell Network is a content management system (CMS) designed specifically for the professional wrestling industry. A platform upon which any number of websites pertaining to the industry can be constructed and interact with one another.

While each site is completely unique and customisable all sites share the same core functionality and data. It is believed that this implicitly cooperative model will benefit the industry by ensuring that historical data is retained for future generations and by ensuring that those currently in the industry have they tools they need to best utilise the World Wide Web in promoting professional wrestling to the masses.


The goals of The Sell Network are two-fold:

Preserving the past The first goal of The Sell Network is to provide tools to aid in the recording and storage of all forms of information pertaining to professional wrestling. By streamlining the process of recording, collating and searching this information we will ensure that the history of professional wrestling is preserved for future generations.

Promoting the future The second goal of The Sell Network is to provide a comprehensive suite of marketing tools for those involved in the professional wrestling industry. This will be achieved by providing competively priced and professionally designed and engineered websites for promoters and wrestlers that are easy to update and benefit from a self-propagating network architecture.


The Sell Network will be made up of three types of websites: Promotions, Territories and Wrestlers.

Promotion sites will stream-line the process of maintaining an online presence for promoters. Tools that allow news, events and merchandise to be entered at a click of a button will feature prominently. Results, title histories and current champions will be compiled automatically, greatly limiting the amount of time required to keep a site up-to-date. Other functionality will focus on utilising existing tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to best promote a professional wrestling organisation. Finally, sites will include measurement tools so promoters can best decide which marketing and advertising activities are most beneficial to their brand.

Territory sites will focus on fans of the pro wrestling industry. A territory site will include all information about the promotions and history of a particular geographic region. Historical data such as past results, title histories, newspaper articles and biographies will be coupled with current day offering such as upcoming events and wrestler rankings. These site will be run by the fans, for the fans but will also add an additional level of visibility for promoters and wrestlers looking to get their message out.

Wrestler sites will allow individual workers to get their message out to not only their fans but also potential employers. Using many of the same features detailed above, wrestlers will be able to solidify an online presence with minimal effort and previous technical experience. Upcoming appearances along with career records and titles held will be automatically generated, ensuring fans are kept up-to-date with their favourite stars. Fan interaction will be further stimulated through wrestler journals and integration with popular social networking sites.

About Shanan

Shanan Gough has been a pro wrestling fan much of his life. Born and bred in Invercargill, New Zealand he went on to obtain a BSci (Hons) degree in Computer Science from the University of Otago in 2004. Since then Shanan has worked full-time in the IT industry whilst furthering his study extramurally. Completing a Master of Entrepreneurship (MEntr) in 2006, Shanan studied the development of the New Zealand pro wrestling industry for his thesis. Since then Shanan has gone on to complete three more degrees in Design Studies, Information & Library Studies and Management.

Over two years ago Shanan put his experience in the IT industry, his academic findings and his love for professional wrestling together to come up with The Sell Network, a tool he beleives will change the way the professional wrestling industry uses the Internet.

By day Shanan works as a Senior Business Analyst for Kiwibank. He currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife Sarah and son Jackson.