Q) How long until the Sell Network is up and running?

A) The Network will be launched in a number of milestones over the next 12 months. Beta testing began with the creation of the first Promotion site, www.awfwrestling.com.au, in 2010. In late 2012 the first Territory site, www.nzwrestling.com, was launched. Over the next 3 months several more Territory and Promotion sites will be launched aswell as the first Wrestler site.

Q) How much will it cost to get a website on The Sell Network?

A) The cost of Sell Network websites has yet to be finalised but with the elimination of hosting fees in many cases promoters and wrestlers will actually pay less per month than they would if they were to source a website elsewhere.

Q) How can I become a member of The Sell Network?

A) As The Sell Network is still in development we are not actively seeking members yet but we would love to hear from you with any thoughts or comments on The Sell Network project. Contact us here.

Q) How can I contribute to The Sell Network?

A) Send us an email and let us know what territory you are interested in. A territory might be a state, a group of states or a country or group of countries.