Thai Wrestling Federation joins the Sell Network

December 23rd 2012

The Thai Wrestling Federation (TWF) has joined the Sell Network.The promotion is run by AWF owner Greg "TNT" Bownds. With two promotions in two different countries it is important for Greg to be able to keep both websites up-to-date with a minimum of fuss. The Sell Network allows him to do just that. Using his single log-on he is able to access the admin console of either website regardless of where he is in the world.

The Thai Wrestling Federation site also utilises the Sell Network's store functionality. The flexibility of this functionality allows Greg to take PayPal payments in Thai Bhat. TWF merchandise and event tickets are just a couple of clicks away for site vistors.

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December 12th 2012 has been re-launched as the first Territory site on the Sell Network. Shanan Gough first conceived of the website back in 2004 as part of a Design Studies project at the University of Otago. The site took on many different forms over the next several years and was one of the catalysts for the creation of the Sell Network.

Utilising the custom built content management system (CMS) the new site provides fans of the New Zealand wrestling scene with comprehensive results, title histories, wrestler profiles and upcoming events. A unique ranking system generates a monthly list of the most successful wrestlers in the country.

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The Sell Network welcomes the AWF!

May 3rd 2010

One of the largest and most prolific professional wrestling promotions in Oceania has become the first official member of The Sell Network. The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) has gone from strength to strength in the 10+ years it has been in operation, running shows across Australia and New Zealand.

The original AWF website launched in 2006 and while the site did the job it was difficult to keep up-to-date. "I'm amazed at how easy our new site is to update." said AWF owner Greg "TNT" Bownds. "Information that before would have been impossible to keep on top of is now automatically generated and available for all to see!".

Using the custom built content management system (CMS) provided by The Sell Network the new AWF website contains a comprehensive collection of wrestler and event results and title histories. The site was designed to showcase the colourful history of the promotion whilst also highlighting upcoming events and available merchandise.

We look forward to developing The Sell Network further in the coming months and ensuring it meets all the needs of the AWF.

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